Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Updates from the UCT school counseling team!

As always, the UCT Guidance website is a great resource for up to date information and links regarding college and career planning. Please visit

UCT College Fair

On Thursday, March 22, from 6:30 to 8 PM, over 70 college, technical school, and military representatives will participate in a college fair in the UCT gym. All students and their families are invited to attend. Additionally, we welcome students from other area high schools, so please share this information with friends and neighbors. Click here for a complete list of participating institutions.

On the Spot Admissions for Seniors

Just prior to the fair, seniors are invited to participate in a unique program that we have offered since 2014. There are over a dozen schools signed up to attend, and seniors who are still exploring college options for next year may meet one on one with representatives to complete the application process. Each school has different requirements, and students should follow this link to review what is needed for each school. Like the college fair, this event is open to students from other high schools.


We continue to update the UCT scholarship list on a weekly basis. Seniors should continuously check for additional awards that have been posted. Students are also encouraged to look for scholarship opportunities on their own.

This week, counselors are visiting senior classes to discuss the UCT Scholarship Application, one application that is used by the UCT scholarship committee to award multiple scholarships. The application and supporting documents are due to the Guidance Office by Friday, March 23.

Career Plans

Sophomores completed their annual review and update of their individual career plans prior to February vacation. Each student should have shared his or her plan with a parent or guardian. If you have not seen your student's plan, please ask your student. Career plans are saved in Google Drive and can be accessed on the school issued iPads. Ninth grades will begin this process this spring!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Upcoming events from the UCT School Counselors!

Just a few reminders!

The 2017-18 school year is already in full swing! I wanted to provide some information about a few upcoming events. As always, please visit our website, for more information. 

PSATs will be given to registered juniors and sophomores on Wednesday, October 11.

Parents/Guardians of seniors are strongly encouraged to attend our Financial Aid workshop on Thursday, October 12 at 6:30 PM. This is an adults only event. 

The All Cape College Day Fair will take place on Wednesday, October 18, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM at Barnstable High School. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and parents/guardians should attend. Over 170 colleges, technical schools, and military branches will be represented at this annual event. 

Ninth graders will have their first one-week exploratory next week, the week of October 16. Students will be graded during the one-weeks. 

College bound seniors should be completing paperwork for their counselors, including a parent/guardian transcript release (for those under 18) and an optional, but encouraged, parent brag sheet. The paperwork for parents/guardians can be found on our website under parent resources. The student paperwork (guidance survey, secondary school report) can be found under senior resources.

College and military representatives continue to visit UCT. Juniors are seniors may sign up for these visits in the guidance office or on the website. Students must sign up at least one school day in advance of the visit.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

Please visit our blog regularly for news and updates from your UCT School Counselors!

The 2017-2018 School Counselors are:

Ms. Elizabeth Griffin,, x248
Mrs. Rachel Kerrigan,, x 252
Ms. Sheila Leonard,, x245
Mrs. Jennifer McGuire,, x247

Please also visit our website, for additional information and resources! We look forward to an exciting and productive school year!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Looking forward!

As we approach the end of the school year, we wanted to share some information that may be helpful over the summer.

Class of 2017
Congratulations to the parents and guardians of our seniors! At this time of the year, colleges and technical schools may be asking incoming students to make sure a copy of their final high school transcript is sent. At senior sign out (tomorrow), seniors complete a questionnaire. On this document, seniors are asked to indicate the name of the institution they plan to attend. Based on this information, final transcripts are mailed as soon as they are available. There is no need to make a separate request.

Once students have graduated, should they need transcripts to be mailed to schools or other institutions, they should contact the Guidance Office by phone. The form on our website is only for current students.

Accelerated Algebra II
Students who wish to take Algebra II over the summer at UCT must sign up in the Guidance Office for the class by Wednesday, May 31. The cost of the course is $250. Students who expressed an interest in the course should have received a letter in the mail.

Career Plans
At this time, all grades have completed annual career planning. Students who missed their assigned time will be scheduled for make-up sessions over the remaining few weeks of the school year. Grade 9 students recently completed this and should have brought them home for parents and guardians to sign.

STEM Starter Academy Early College Program
Cape Cod Community College is offering UCT students space in the STEM Starter Academy Program. The program is open to rising juniors and seniors. It provides three colleges courses at no cost to the student. This program is best for students who like math and have an interest in mechanical design or Engineering. We are now being told that the math course can be taken this summer or this coming fall. Applications can be found here.

These are the classes:
  • MAT 175: College Algebra; at the community college in West Barnstable (students that place in a higher course can take the higher course instead; students who place lower will be given support in the class)
  • ENR 102: 3D Mechanical Design I; Fall 2017 at UCT after school two days per week; course is live-streamed)
  • ENR 103: 3D Mechanical Design II; Spring 2018 at UCT after school two days per week; course is live-streamed)
Students who complete the program will be eligible to test for a SOLIDWORKS Associate certificate (CSWA) in computer aided design. Again, the three classes are FREE!

Post-Secondary Planning for Class of 2018

  • SATs: For the first time, SATs will be offered in August. This is a great opportunity for rising seniors who have not taken SATs yet or who want to take them for a second time. It allows students to prepare for and take the test while they are free of other school work. Registration is through the College Board website.
  • College Visits: The summer is a great time to visit colleges and technical schools. Check the websites to find out about scheduled tours and information sessions. By the start of the school year, seniors should have a good idea as to where they would like to apply.
  • Applications: Students may wish to begin completing college applications over the summer. Most students will complete applications online. The Common Application is accepted by close to 700 colleges. Students are encouraged to visit the Common App website, create an account, and begin working on the college essay.
  • UCT College Application process: When we return to school in the fall, we will go over the forms that need to be completed and the procedures that need to be followed for students to have materials (such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) sent from UCT to colleges and technical schools. For students (and parents/guardians--yes, there are forms for you as well!) who would like to get a head start, the forms are all located on the Guidance website under Senior Resources and Parent/Guardian Resources. Forms will be updated for the Class of 2018 by July 1.
Work Permits

Students are often in need of work permits over the summer. A copy of the work permit application can be found on the Guidance website under Career Exploration. Students should complete the application and bring it in to the Guidance Office to receive a work permit. In the summer, the Guidance Office is generally open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM.

Summer School
Students who must attend summer school in order to be promoted will be notified by US Mail shortly after the close of school. UCT does not offer a summer school program. Students may attend a summer school at another area high school. Some of those high schools use an online company to deliver summer school instruction. Courses taken through an area high school's program will be accepted if the course is completed online. However, any student wishing to use an online program not affiliated with a local summer school program to meet a summer school obligation MUST have that course pre-approved by Mr. Forget. If in doubt, check with UCT before paying for the course.

Summer Communication
The School Counselors are not in the office on a regular basis over the summer. Should pressing issues arise, please call the school. Students should feel free to email their counselor with general questions, and counselors will respond as they are able to do so. Additionally, please check the Guidance Website for announcements and events, as it will be updated over the summer from time to time.

Have a wonderful summer!

Rachel Kerrigan, School Counselor, x252,
Sheila Leonard, School Counselor, x245,
Jennifer McGuire, School Counselor/Teacher Leader for Guidance, x247,

Monday, February 27, 2017

March Events & Important Information

Greetings from the School Counselors!

Rachel Kerrigan, School Counselor, x252,
Sheila Leonard, School Counselor, x245,
Jennifer McGuire, School Counselor/Teacher Leader for Guidance, x247,
Casey Morrison, Aide,

Just a few notes about what is happening in the Guidance Department of Upper Cape Tech. 

  • Recently, the sophomores were introduced to the Massachusetts Career Information System website. Students learned how to identify different careers and how to find important information regarding preparation, employment outlook, and potential earnings. If you have a grade 10 student, ask him or her to tell you about the career he or she researched. 
  • Career Plans: Grade 10 students will begin their annual update of their UCT Career Plans this week in shop. Students will need to have their iPads with them. Shop teachers should notify sophomores of the schedule. Ms. Morrison continues to meet with juniors who missed their scheduled Career Plan update.
  • Scholarships: The UCT scholarship list is updated weekly. Please encourage seniors to visit this list regularly and apply to any scholarships that seem appropriate. In early March, we will introduce seniors to the UCT scholarship application, one application that is used for all of the scholarships awarded through the UCT scholarship committee. For scholarship and other financial aid information, visit
  • Pathways Program of CCCC: Seniors who applied to CCCC are eligible to attend a field trip to the community college on Tuesday, March 21 to take the Accuplacer test, which is used for college placement. Interested students must sign up with Mrs. McGuire. (An email is great!) 
  • Junior Parent Night will be held on Thursday, March 9, from 6 to 8 PM in the library. There are four guest presenters (two college admissions reps, a financial aid director, and a representative from the National Guard) who will join the counselors in discussing the college admissions process and timeline. RSVPs are appreciated. To register, please visit, and select the event on March 9 on the calendar. This event is for adults only-- please do not bring your student!
  • The UCT College Fair will take place on Thursday, March 23 from 6:30 to 8 PM in the UCT gym. Over seventy institutions are already scheduled to attend. For more information, visit This event is open to all area high school students and their families, so please feel free to invite neighbors and friends!
  • During the later afternoon of March 23, several institutions will offer "On the Spot" admissions interviews for seniors who are still exploring plans for after graduation. Information about this program is also available on the webiste at This event is open to all area high school seniors. 
The Guidance section of the UCT Website is updated frequently. Please check out Announcement page and our Calendar page for the latest information! As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Busy times!

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only days away! Here are some updates from the UCT School Counseling Department that we hope will be helpful!

Welcome Back to Mrs. Kerrigan!
As most families are aware, Mrs. Kerrigan was on maternity leave earlier this fall. She is now back at UCT and she is busy getting to know her ninth graders and checking in with her seniors who are busy will college applications. Fortunately, Ms. Morrison will be staying on as an aide, so our students will continue to benefit from her many talents!

Grade nine students have completed three one week experiences so far! At the conclusion of week 5, students will be asked to rank their shop selections in order of preference. Hopefully the one weeks are helpful to students as they try to narrow down their choices. However, it is not uncommon for ninth graders to find this process overwhelming and stressful. Parents and guardians are encouraged to talk at home with their student about the shop selection process. If you feel your student needs support from his or her school counselor, please reach out.

Cape Cod Community College
As part of the Pathways Program, admissions representatives from CCCC will offer interviews to UCT seniors on Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30. Interested seniors should complete an application online and register for an interview or sign up in guidance. Students who are participating will receive a pass for their interview on the morning of their appointment. Participation in the interviews is necessary to be considered for the Pathways Scholarship, which is awarded each year to one graduating senior from UCT. Questions? Please contact Mrs. McGuire.

Johnson & Wales University
On December 1, Johnson & Wales University will offer on the spot admissions. Seniors who have applied or would like to apply may have an interview here at UCT. Please sign up in guidance or on online. You must also complete your J&W application in advance of the event.

New webpage: Announcements!
There is a new page on the Guidance section of the UCT website, The Announcement page provides new and interesting information related to the guidance department. Please check it regularly!

Grade 11 Career Plans
The juniors recently started updating their UCT Career Plans. We are about halfway through meeting with juniors in shop groups. You should expect to see juniors bringing home their career plan for parents and guardians to review and sign. Career plans are a requirement for the senior portfolio. If you do not see a career plan by the end of next shop week, please ask your student why!

As always, please feel free to contact your student's counselor directly with any questions:
Rachel Kerrigan,
Sheila Leonard,
Jennifer McGuire,

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Don't forget these important events!

Reminders from the Guidance Department! As always, please contact your student's counselor with any questions.

Jennifer McGuire, x247
Sheila Leonard, x245
Casey Morrison (in for Rachel Kerrigan), x252

UCT Open House:
This Wednesday, September 28, is our Open House for parents/guardians of current UCT students. The evening runs from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. You can find the school counselors in the cafeteria throughout the evening!

Registration for PSATs is due this Friday! The test will be given on Wednesday, October 19 at UCT. All sophomores and juniors who are considering college after graduation should sign up for the PSAT. The cost is $15 per student. Fee waivers are available for juniors on free or reduced lunch. For registration questions, please contact Ms. Judy Blake in the Guidance Office.

Financial Aid Events:
There are two important events regarding financial aid this fall:

  • On Thursday, October 13, at 6:30 PM, Jodi Conway will speak to parents/guardians of seniors regarding the financial aid process. The presentation will take place in the library, and coffee and dessert will be served. Although pre-registration is not required, it helps us plan for the program. If you plan to attend, please follow this link to register. This event is for parents/guardians only!
  • On Sunday, November 6, at 1:00 PM, UCT will host FAFSA Day Massachusetts. This is a volunteer run event for seniors and their parents/guardians who wish to have assistance with completion of the FAFSA form. Registration for that event is located on the FAFSA Day website,

Grade 9 Exploratory:
On Friday, October 7, ninth grade students will be asked to submit their top six choices for one week shop exploratory experiences, in order of preference. This is a great time to discuss shop selection at home with your student. During the one week experiences, students receive grades from the shop instructors. Please remind your student to bring his or her safety glasses and to adhere to the dress code for shop. Specific questions about Exploratory can be directed at Ms. Casey Morrison.

All Cape College Day Fair
Each fall, the Cape & Islands School Counselor Association hosts a college fair for the region. This year, the fair will take place at Barnstable High School in Hyannis on Wednesday, October 19, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. Visit the CISCA website for an updated list of attendees. Approximately 170 institutions will attend, including two year and four year colleges, technical schools, and military branches. This event is open to the public and students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are strongly encouraged to attend.